Improving Patient Centred Care And Quality Of Care Essay

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In Australia today, healthcare professionals have begun to share skills, talents, and even characteristics to improve patient-centred care and quality of care. This community of healthcare professionals values discipline and teamwork within its professionalism. As a student in a rehabilitation course, I find working in the field of mental illness and disability services very demanding but also enjoyable. During this period of work, I participated in a multidisciplinary team for a seven-day active support course on interprofessional practice experience, which provided me with a deeper understanding of how to enable effective collaborative practice. Different healthcare professions include my current position of support worker (care giver), physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and psychologist and, supporting doctors, social worker, accommodation officer, and clinical nurse. In my experience and study observations, most teams within an interprofessional practice do not always value the rules and workplace manner that encourages interprofessional discipline and practices to improve healthcare. This essay will reflect the innovative approach to high functioning and interprofessional collaborative skills of our teams, and evaluate their performances and interactions (e.g. a case conference, consultation interactions, etc.). This study will also identify organisational factors that may facilitate or negatively impact on teamwork and team processes. Finally, it
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