Improving Patient Compliance And Stroke Rehabilitation

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Improving Patient Compliance and Stroke Rehabilitation In my current position as a registered nurse, I have identified improving patient compliance and stroke rehabilitation as an important phenomenon of interest. While researching cerebrovascular accident (CVA) articles, I have a strong desire to enter the field of neuroscience because I feel that there is a great need for reform in stroke awareness and treatment care in the cerebrovascular patients across the nation. In today’s society, Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) are not viewed as a rare commodity but as a representative to physicians across the nation, assisting in many health care needs. APNs are thoroughly accepted by both health care organizations and consumers and serve a vital role in the population overall well-being. Additionally, APNs will become essential as more individuals gain access to broader services through health care reform efforts, and they will serve as attributing members of a flourishing healthcare system. As I transition into my role as an APN, I plan to focus my efforts on managing and coordinating care for the clinically complex neurological and neurosurgical population. This paper will highlight the importance of following stroke guidelines presented by Joint Commission to help increase the health of the population through improved patient compliance and stroke rehabilitation. Phenomenon of Interest As an Advanced Practice Nurse, I feel that the phenomenon of interest of patient improved
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