Improving Patient Health Through Standardized Representations of Health Information

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Improving Patient Health through Standardized Representations of Health Information Jean-Pierre Folligah Walden University Improving Patient Health through Standardized Representations of Health Information Improving patient health is the main objective for every healthcare provider and setting. To attain this goal, they use some standards to represent the information needed. Thus, accurate health information is crucial to provide the appropriate treatment to a patient that is hospitalized. The use of health information standard represents the essential to patient safety. This application will describe the standard used in the case of a hospitalized patient through various scenarios. First Scenario A patient is admitted in a…show more content…
To describe this treatment, I would use the health care common procedure coding system (HCPCS). HCPCS serve to report services provided by a physician to a patient. Together with the current procedure terminology (CPT), HCPCS became the only adequate system for reporting medical services (Giannangelo, 2010). Third Scenario Few days after the treatment, the patient is ready to be discharged from the hospital. Although the patient is recovered, he needs a follow-up care because pulmonary hypertension treatments are complex according to the Mayo Clinic (2012). At this point of the process, I think the use of uniform hospital discharge data set (UHDDS) would be appropriate because it would allow the collection of patient data. In case, UHDDS principles are ignored the patient data reporting would be inaccurate (Giannangelo, 2010). If this happens, it would be complex to process to the follow-up care perfectly. Fourth Scenario The use of health information standards is vital the delivery of care. These standards help physicians to have access to accurate information. As a result, this information would help healthcare professionals to provide the conventional treatment to their patient. In case of the patient described in my scenario, if he moves to another state or city he can be treated. This is achievable because of the use of these standards. Using health information standards would also contribute to eliminate medical errors. This
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