Improving Patient Safety in Stroke Rehabilitation Wards

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Patient safety is a major issue in health care, especially in the public sector. Studies show that as many as 10 patients get harmed daily as they receive care in stroke rehabilitation wards in hospitals in the United States alone. Patient safety refers to mechanisms for preventing patients from getting harmed as they receive health care services in hospitals. The issue of patient safety is usually associated with factors such as medication errors, wrong-site surgery, health care-acquired infections, falls, diagnostic errors, and readmissions. Patient safety can be improved through strategies such as improving communication within hospitals, increasing patient involvement, reporting adverse events, developing protocols and…show more content…
If strategies could be put in place to prevent falls and save the health care resources, which are used to treat injuries sustained from falls; the saved money could be utilized in other areas that need it most (Fin, 2011). Lastly, hospitals’ efforts to improve and maintain a high level of patient safety within their stroke rehabilitation wards is at times thwarted by health-care acquired infections (HAIs). HAIs are infections that patients contract while undergoing treatment at the hospital (Kolker, 2011). An infection is regarded as a HAI if it is contracted when a patient has already begun treatment at the hospital’s facilities (Exworthy, 2012). Whenever these HAIs occur, the hospital is forced to spend huge amounts of money and resources to treat or reverse them. The hospital could save a lot of money if it implemented strategies for ensuring high standards of patient safety to prevent the HAIs from occurring (Watcher, 2012). Steps to Improve Patient Safety in the Stroke Rehabilitation Ward There are a number of steps that a hospital can implement in its stroke rehabilitation ward to ensure high levels of patient safety, which could help it prevent sick persons from getting harmed. Although there are many strategies for improving patient safety, the paper discusses five of such strategies: improving communication within the ward, increasing patient involvement, reporting adverse events, developing and implementing protocols

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