Improving Performance Appraisal For Employees

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Improving Performance Appraisal for Employees Introduction One of the most important things in a company or organization is the performance appraisals that are given to the employees, some management and upper management. A performance appraisal can give so much information not only to the employer but also to the employee. There are many different types of performance appraisal out there, also because every job is different the performance for the different. A performance appraisal is important in any company because the employee knows how they are doing well as the management staff. Performance appraisal are also great because it shows it an employee need additional training or show improvement in certain areas that they was having trouble in also if they are ready to go to the next step like a promotion or a raise. Literature Review/Findings With any company that has employee is working for them they have a standard that they must abide by. Some companies only do performance appraisals once a year and think that it is effective way to rate their employees on company standard and to issue compensation and discipline if need to. This not that very effective to run a business with employees the best way is to do quarterly performance appraisals that way if an employee needs to be reprimanded it can be done to correct the behavior before it gets to out of hand. According to Michael Aamodt, the author of the textbook Industrial/Organizational Psychology there is a
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