Improving Performance Management Strategies And Alignment Between And Organizational Goals

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RECOMMENDATIONS The following section provides recommendations based on the data obtained during the study. Recommendations will be presented for ways to improve consistency in Performance Management strategies and alignment between and organizational goals, and therefore increase overall performance. Timeliness Under the current system the year end review occurs at the earliest in March. In order to create a forward thinking performance management approach within the year end review, it should be given by the end of January. Discussing goals and ways to move forward must occur when the employee has an opportunity to improve their performance and achieve the established goals. Training Managers should receive training on the individual…show more content…
Implement 360-degree Appraisal Although performance cannot be judge alone with 360-degree assessment, it provides a commentary aspect that will assist an organization in Leadership Development and Succession Planning. Including the 360-degree appraisal in the performance management process will provide a broader perspective about an employee’s performance and detail to annual appraisal. In addition, the technique facilitates greater self-development for an employee. Moreover, it enables an employee to compare his or her self- evaluation about performance with the perceptions of others. Management via App Many companies are transitioning to the use of Apps to provide ongoing feedback to their employees. General Electric, a company famous for their year-end reviews has scrapped them and now uses an App process. The new app is called “PD@GE” for “performance development at GE”. Managers are expected to have frequent discussions, called “touch points,” on progress toward those goals and note what was discussed, committed to, and resolved. The app can provide summaries on command, through typed notes, photographs of a notepad, or even voice recordings. “The focus isn’t on grading how well people are doing, but on constant improvement” (Nilsen, 2015). Employees can give or request feedback at any point through a feature called “insights,” which isn’t

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