Essay on Improving Processes

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Improving Processes: Chipotle Mexican Grill This report is to discuss the findings from observations made at the Chipotle restaurant on Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando. Observations were made on Monday August 9, 2010 with the first time frame from noon to 1 p.m. and the second time frame from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. These observations are used to make recommendations on managing queues, process capability, and statistical process control. Observations from the two time frames will provide information regarding the process design of customers placing orders, preparation, and payment, employee duties when not preparing orders, along with the number of customers served. A stop-watch and a note pad were used to collect information. According…show more content…
For cash payments, cashier takes cash and makes change. For credit or debit payments, cashier takes card, swipes in the card system where a receipt is automatically printed, hands receipt to customer and customer is on their way. No signature is required. Bottleneck During the peak collection period there was a bottleneck with employee #2 because of the number of items chosen for the order and again at employee #3 when processing payment. Employee # 3 handles the packaging, drinks, chips and payment which when added together equals more time than the two previous steps. Part of this time is because customers are deciding on a beverage and whether they want chips. Of note, a bottleneck also occurred at employee #2 when adolescent’s were placing orders because they had difficulty making choices among items in part because they weren’t sure if they would like an item or because they were waiting for their friend to make a decision. Recommendations are needed for employee #2 and employee #3. Learning Curve The menu selection at Chipotle is a key factor in the service provided. Selections are in front of the preparer and customer so the learning curve for both is very low; items are placed in the line in the same sequence every day. An employee can be trained in a few hours because of the ease of use. The quality of the food is high. Chipotle employees are high performers so fewer employees are needed to operate a store.
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