Improving Productivity Using IT (7574-301)

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Level 3 - Improving productivity using IT (7574-301)
Answer Sheet
Linked Assignment: Invoice (Attached)
Task A – Planning an IT task

1 To be completed prior to the linked assignment.

I will be linking this task with my project of a creating a website about the Fashion and its evolution. Firstly, I would like to show you how the fashion has evolved through the time including the clothes and accessories. Secondly, I would Describe which clothes are fashionable and what people want to wear nowadays and Finally , I Would give you a list of the top10 brand of Clothes fashion. In addition I will give you examples about some celebrities and their relation to the brand and the fashion.

2 Having read the scenario, give a brief description of
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I followed the instructions from my tutor such as using the computer for a time limit. Using the computer for my purpose, helping each other’s in the classroom without copying from any student and following the health and safety while we used the computer

Recommend a different software application that could be used and explain how it would improve productivity.

1 software and 3 reasons – minimum of 3 sentences
Using Adobe’s Dreamweaver”AWYSMYG”, what you see what you get, which helps me quickly to scan my code as well as spot any error and suggest code that me used when creating templates for popular CMS’s like WordPress , Joomla and Drupal. By using Dreamweaver I will have My code and design view at the same time we allowed me to control my website easily, also I can open each file that I want to use immediately. Adding background color is very easy because it gives me hex color code automatically. Although The Dreamweaver is very useful it makes the website designer very lazy if he/she is not careful.

Task B – Reviewing techniques and evaluating

1 To be completed after the linked
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Moreover, I have used JavaScript in order to control my Pictures which I have designed as image gallery.

Area of improvement:
In my Opinion,
Make sure I improve attractivit

Potential productivity improvement:

Task C – Implementing changes and testing

1 To be completed after the linked assignment. (Task C2 may be undertaken outside of the recommended assignment time).

2 Research the potential productivity improvement you have identified and devise ways to improve the use of IT tools and systems.

State what your intended improvement will be.

Using the completed task, add the improvement you have identified that would improve the productivity when the task is repeated.

Test your improvement to ensure that it works as you intended it to. Make any changes as
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