Improving Profitability By Applying Sustainable Strategies

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APPLIED RESEARCH DISSERTATION Ioana Victoria GLIGA How to improve profitability by applying sustainable strategies MBA in Luxury Hospitality and Events Management Dissertation advisor: Mr. Dustin McEldowney Submitted on: August 24th Abstract This dissertation examines the sustainable strategies applied in the hospitality industry and how would sustainability help us to improve revenue. Day by day commercial industries are realizing the massive negative impact that businesses have on the environment and they are trying to implement different strategies to transform their business in a more sustainable one in hopes of lessening that impact. Hotel owners, employees and guests started to be more aware for the…show more content…
Special thanks to my parents and to my family who always support me on everything I decide to do and being there for me in any situation. The never judge me and my decisions and they assist me with everything they can. I would love to mention my mother, Ani Gliga, because without her this amazing hard copy wouldn’t be so special and made at my requirements. This is a project chosen from passion for the subject, not only for the university, but for my own knowledge. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Research purpose and significance 6 3. Hotel Café Royal Introduction 8 3.1 Introduction of The Set Group 8 3.1.1 Presentation – The Hotels part of the group THE SET 11 3.1.2 The History of Café Royal 12 3.1.3 The Café Royal Brand 16 3.1.5 Products & Services 18 3.1.4 The Location 23 3.1.6 The Position of Hotel Café Royal on the market 26 3.1.7 Program Inclusion 31 3.2 How I see Hotel Café Royal 32 3.2.1 Sales Department - work system & structure 34 3.2.2 Sales Intern job description 34 5. Sustainable Tourism 36 5.1 Defining the concept of Sustainable Tourism 37 5.2 The impact of tourism 37 5.4 Environmental policies in the hospitality industry 39 5.5 The influence of economic globalization and current climate changes in tourism 44 5.6 Sustainability
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