Improving Public Education Through Common Core State Standards

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“Class, today we will work in our practice workbooks. Please complete drills nine and eleven.” One can almost hear the groans of exhausted students echo across the classroom as another day of drills and memorization passes. Unfortunately, endless drills, mountains of workbook pages, and dry, tedious lessons have become the norm in today’s classrooms across Mississippi. However, there is a bright light in the distance known as the Common Core State Standards. Common Core State Standards, which was released in 2010, is a government implemented program aimed at improving public education nationwide (“Common Core Glossary” 1). Though the standards set by Common Core will benefit the nation as a whole, Common Core will also benefit students …show more content…
However, the standards set by Common Core break the chains of monotonous memorization that holds students down by relying on a combination of both multiple choice and open-ended questions that will develop necessary thought processes (“’Next-Generation’ Test” 1A). Including open-ended questions on the Common Core standardized tests encourages critical thinking in order to develop an answer to questions, allowing students’ true knowledge to shine through. Rather than taking a guess at what an answer may be or recalling temporarily stored facts, students must think questions through logically, a skill that will serve Mississippi students well throughout their lives. In addition to providing open-ended questions for deeper thinking, Common Core also targets higher level thinking that will prepare students for college courses and career training. In today’s college setting and workforce, former students are being forced to reevaluate their learning strategies after years of learning how to take a test. Individuals accustomed to rote learning fall behind in courses and job training because they do not understand how to digest material and turn it into useful information. However, Common Core eliminates the learning barrier and allows for student growth through formulated objectives directed toward a creative and insightful thought process. Because Common Core relies heavily on critical problem solving objectives, Mississippi high school

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