Improving Public Infrastructure : A Study Of Guyana

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Using PPP Model to improve public infrastructure: A study of Guyana
Foreign Direct Investment and Private Investments need adequate public infrastructure; which can be facilitated through greater Public Private Partnership within Guyana. "If only we knew more about the determinants of investment! But, unfortunately, our knowledge in this direction is still very meager. One might well ask, what is wrong with the theory of investment? Or, perhaps, what is wrong with the subject matter itself! For one thing, this variable, -- the pivot of modern macroeconomics -- has apparently lived a somewhat nomadic life among the various chapters of economic theory. Perhaps it has not stayed long enough in any one place. Perhaps it has been
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Consequently, the government of Guyana has realized the need for greater public private investments and consequently has favored the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model of financing many major infrastructural projects in an attempt to close this gap of inefficient infrastructure. Moreover, Guyana’s investment climate took a downward turn in 2013 as political gridlock and infighting hampered the country’s development efforts on several fronts. Notwithstanding this, the government continued to encourage foreign investment, but has had limited success in attracting that investment outside of the gold mining sector. Perceptions of corruption, inefficient government and inadequate infrastructure among others remain barriers to attracting foreign investment.
Centered on the existing literature from published works such as books, journals and articles; this study highlights Keynesian theory on investments, as well as assess and apply the Kuznets Model by using the Kuznets curve to analyze and explain the relationship between infrastructure development and GDP per capita. Additionally, this study will also highlights the success factors for implementation which includes Political Will and political consensus, PPP Unit, the right vision, Good Governance and Continuity. It will also compiles a framework for cross analysis with the three (3 Case studies) PPP cases in Guyana, and checks for the relevancy of each variables based on
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