Improving Quality And Efficiency Of Patient Care

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Meaningful Use in the medical field describes the adaptation of health care in three stages and is based on things like improving quality and efficiency of patient care, engaging patients and family members in the patients’ health, and the improvement upon population and public health. Stage one, which began in 2010, focused on the use of Electronic Health Records. The second, which took root in late 2012, increased the implementation of patient education, participation, and care-coordination. The third and final stage, which will focus on “robust health information exchange” has yet to go into effect. Stage one of the Meaningful Use concept, which is mainly the production of an electronic patient file that can be easily accessed by other…show more content…
Born with four extra teeth, which pushed his incisors forward causing his well known overbite, Freddie refused dental corrective surgery on account of his career. Not much can be done about this from an MA’s standpoint, a patient does reserve the right to refuse care if they choose, especially with a non life threatening situation such as this. Mercury was also diagnosed at some point in his life with having polyps on his vocal chords. This situation is only slightly more serious in the sense that it can affect vocal range and has a number of other symptoms such as shooting pain from ear to ear, neck pain, and hoarseness of the voice. I am moving forward with the assumption that Meaningful Use was used to educate Freddie on his condition as he once again elected not to have surgery out of fear that it would damage his voice. Freddie did experience limitations to his pitch range while in concert but would rest his voice during down time, which is a recommended form of therapy. On the other hand, though, he did completely ignore the risks and possible complications of smoking. The two of these minor health problems, however, pale in comparison to the life changing disease he contracted later in his life, which is where I will be focusing Meaningful Use most. Freddie was a private person and did not like to do interviews or divulge much of his personal life to the tabloids, however, there were many interesting events in Freddie’s life that occurred
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