Improving Quality Patient Care Within The United States

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Quality Improvement Healthcare is a complex industry that is consistently changing to meet the demand of improving quality patient care. As a member of the healthcare team, we are obligated to provide safe patient-centered care. However, patient care within the facility this nurse is employed is not as effective as it should be. The organization currently utilizes three different charting systems, two electronic health information systems and a paper chart. Each with its own purpose of use. To make matters worse, not all healthcare providers have access to both electronic health information system. Depending on the individuals professional role within the organization, access would be limited to one or the other. Nurses are the only one…show more content…
The Iowa Model is an effective tool focusing on the implementation of EBP at the organizational level (Schaffer, 2013). The initial step of this model is to identify the issue that needs to be address. As mentioned, the problem is the current charting system that the organization utilized. The next step is to form an improvement team to review and analyze the literature. Once the literature is synthesize by the team, the decision to move forth with the change would be base on the adequacy of the evidence found. If sufficient evidence is found supporting the change, a pilot of the change is conducted. Following the pilot, a thorough evaluation is perform, then the decision to adopt the change would take place. Other QI models that can potentially be use to implement the proposed change, include the Advancing Research and Clinical Practice Through Close Collaboration (ARCC) and the Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services Framework (PARIHS). ARCC Model is most often use to assess the readiness of an organization to change, in addition to evaluating the outcome of the change (Schaffer, 2013). PARIHS framework, on the other hand, is use to evaluate the ongoing progress of change within an organization. The Iowa Model is the most effective QI model to apply in this instances, as it was designed to focus on the organization as a whole
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