Improving Quality of Health Care Services Essay

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Improving Quality of Health Care Services

The U.S. leads the way in many areas into the future of economy, wealth and civilization. America spends more on heath care than any other nation with quality and safety being a key focus. Nevertheless, evidence of improvement of decreased errors is limited. We lack answers to financial stability and providing quality health care to all (Becher & Chassin, 2001). Nationally, everyone is engaged in improving the quality and safety of healthcare. We need to be awakened to preventing errors and providing safer care (Laureate, 2009). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the initiative to improve quality and safety of health care with the “Six Dimensions of Goodness in Healthcare.”
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Americans are fascinated with technology and often want something done whether it is the best choice of care. Health care providers accommodate consumers. A more unified system could provide better care. It could decrease spending and limit the freedom to choose any type of care one desires (Becher, & Chassin, 2001). A fragmented healthcare system needs to come together to provide equal access and care to all U.S. citizens (Laureate, 2009).
The six dimensions promote a high level of performance leading to better quality performance and a process of care measures. Healthcare is “raising the bar” for better care with enhanced collaboration, benchmarking, and facility board goals to support the dimensions (Jiang, 2010). Quality goals such as Zero central line infections & zero sepsis is encouraging a higher level of care instead of being satisfied with average outcomes of care (Jiang, 2010).
Role of nursing

Health care is a team sport. Nursing needs to be part of the team and be actively involved in preventing harm to patients (Laureate, 2009). Effective leadership with health care change needs to come from those engaged in providing health care to patients (Becher & Chassi, 2001). Nursing should be a part of identifying the error cause, gathering data, and making goals to prevent subsequent errors (NCC MERP, 2002). Nursing can be more aware and involved in prevention. Nursing can adopt higher standards and
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