Improving Quality of Service for Multimedia

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There are two ways of providing quality of service for multimedia first, adding quality of service to current cloud computing infrastructure, and second, adding quality of service between cloud and multimedia infrastructures. In former, It focus on adding quality of service in only on cloud infrastructure In later case, It focuses on adding quality of service between cloud infrastructure and multimedia infrastructure. In this research we focusing on how cloud can provide quality of service with help of multimedia applications. According to the properties of multimedia services, similar types of multimedia services is processed through cluster servers. Each Media edge cloud is having three clusters such as Storage, central processing unit, graphical process unit (GPU). All media related applications will be processed by GPU. Storage types of media applications will be processed through storage cluster. To improve the performance of media cloud, cloud proxy is proposed to reduce latency. The mobile media proxy is designed to deal with mobile multimedia computing. Mobile caching is included to process the mobile applications because, Mobile applications need to perform with minimum number of resources. (Cybenko, G, 1989) Media cloud processing Figure 4:Media cloud processing (Cybenko, G, 1989) 3.6 MULTIMEDIA CONFERENCING Multimedia conferencing is considered as real time data exchange between several parties. Media conferencing have three components such as
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