Improving Recall Of Declarative Memories Essay

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Napping: Improving Recall of Declarative Memories in Children Velo-Vincent van Houden UC Berkeley Introduction Sleep has an undoubtedly profound effect on cognitive function and memory consolidation in young children. Policy makers have the ability to influence sleeping patterns in children by means of scheduling of classes and funding activities — therefore research into sleeping patterns for optimal achievement is very important when considering the structure of early education. Extensive research exists showing the positive effects of napping on cognitive performance tasks but there is still somewhat of a gap in the quantitative information of adolescent napping via actimeter or electroencephalograph when analyzing the results of declarative memory recall as well as controlling for the effects of social interaction in lecture settings. Research on preschool children illustrated that sleep spindles in midday naps enhanced learning for memories acquired earlier that day (Kurdziel, Duclos & Spencer, 2013). A similar study conducted with adolescents showed that napping enhanced the duration of declarative memories which demonstrates the continued benefits of napping through development (Lemos, Weissheimer & Riberio 2014). A later study showed that nap schedules modulate children’s motor learning in finger tapping exercises and facilitate skill retention for younger children (Ren, Guo, Yan, Liu, & Jia, 2015). In another study, infants who were in a nap
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