Improving Results And Outcomes Of Managing Organizational Change

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Utilizing Change Lessons to Improve Results and Outcomes Introduction Managing change is challenging. Understanding and incorporating change lessons can benefit leaders responsible for managing organizational change. They must recognize that change occurs regularly in business and that the greater the change impact, the higher the risk of failure. A successful change outcome occurs when leaders plan for the change, prioritize change management activities, communicate transparently, and develop a governance plan that allows for appropriate level decision making. CalSTRS Change Story In the fall of 2013, the California Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) Board approved a project to replace the legacy pension administration system…show more content…
By Spring of 2014 the project was fully staffed, the implementation vendor was on board and the planning phases began. A Change Management program team was hired and organizational readiness assessments were conducted to identify how prepared CalSTRS employees were for this large change initiative. The results of the assessments were used to develop recommendations for targeted activities that would increase project success. At this time, the Pension Solution project was on schedule, within budget and scope. A Memorable Change Experience Within a few months, the Executives began circumventing the governance process and making decisions that delayed the schedule and negatively affected the change management team’s progress. According to Marshak 2016, “if the anxiety level becomes high enough, predictable reactions could include denial, inability to act decisively, searches for assured answers, or increases in attempts to control the situation” (p. 13). Apprehension and fear over the potential project failure and the perceived political pressure to achieve success caused the executives to overreact and make destructive decisions. Their behavior created distrust between
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