Improving Retention Of First Year Nursing Staff

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There is a growing crisis in healthcare; while this could be said of any number of challenges that currently face hospitals, the looming eventuality of a healthcare clinical provider shortage must be addressed (Spence Laschinger, Nosko, Wilk & Finegan, 2014). This project will focus on how hospitals can improve retention of first year nursing staff, improving nursing staff satisfaction and improving patient outcomes through the use of a residential training program and management changes that create an environment in which nurse staff feel empowered, well-adjusted to clinical realities and have increased clinical knowledge. Nurses are often the front lines care providers and as such they often interact the most with patients. It is vital…show more content…
The literature shows that the suggested policies changes and educational programs work to improve retention. Hillman and Foster (2011) found that first year nursing retention was greatly impacted by the creation of a residency program, noting that retention was raised from approximately 30% to nearly 100%. There are additional studies that show that training in clinical skills improves retention and performance, but non clinical training also has an impact. Wallis and Kennedy (n.d.) found leadership training also showed an effect on retention, but noted that this effect was mixed. This may suggest that a combination of approaches could result in superior results. This suggestion seems to be supported by Curtis, Sheerin and de Vries (2011), whom found a correlation between long term nursing performance in management positions and leadership training, finding better results in those with formal training than those promoted based on clinical experience alone. While not an immediate goal of this program, improved retention and leadership training may eventually lead to more effective leadership of those that participate in this program in the long term.
These changes will require executive leadership support, as well as funding of
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