Improving Second Language Learners Through The Improvement Of Teachers Essay

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Staff development is critical to improving second language learners through the improvement of teachers’. Administrators of bilingual programs are encouraged to link an active staff development policy to their school improvement plan. Therefore, all employees, teachers, and ancillary staff must be included in the staff development plan. “Thus, professional development designs must be carefully planned, monitored, and evaluated.” (Calderon & Minaya-Rowe, 2003, p. 186). Moreover, the ensuing paper will develop an appropriate implementation plan for a second language learning staff development program. Besides, a list of the roles involved, in the implantation of the staff development program will be cited, and how these roles contribute to the effectiveness of the plan. Implementation Plans for a Staff Development Program A school-wide staff development program is an essential blueprint for improving and maintaining student success. Consequently, for administrators to achieve high levels of success, they must actively use a staff development plan to guide decision making around instruction, and resource allocation. Therefore, administrators must understand what constitutes the implementation phase. Mission: Empowering second language learners to succeed academically and professionally. Vision: To provide teachers and ancillary staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their full potential in a community where high
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