Essay about Improving Senior Health

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Health is a major issue in the United States, but Americans are mainly focusing on the health of the younger population. Even though the younger population is important, it would not do any harm if Americans took the time out and focus on the Older population. In other words, Americans should pay homage to our Senior citizens, because without their wisdom and experience there would not be much to cherish. Older citizens are often the back bone of society. According to the World Health Organization’s website, “The world is rapidly ageing. While this is an important challenge for the developed world, 70% of all older people now live in low or middle-income countries. Population ageing is also occurring much faster in these …show more content…
Thus, health implies an interaction and integration of body, mind, and spirit, a perspective that is reflected in the growth of health promotion programs with the elderly” (Hooymon and Kiyak 144). With that being said, health is not just a physical condition; it also include mental and emotional aspects, as well. Elderly people “who keep their minds active and learn to manage the stress in their lives generally experience better health,” according to Charles B. Inlander. There are many ways to help elderly people remain in good health, but Americans will have to continue to work together in order to implement in the positive changes for the elderly in our society. The first step in improving the elderly in society is keeping them in good health through exercising. As claimed by Robert Gingold, “Increasing physical activity by starting an exercise program or simply becoming more active as part of the daily routine can have a profound effect on fitness, vitality, and length of life. Fit people are stronger, more mobile, and more energetic. A number of illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis are prevented by exercise. It also improves emotional and psychological health, with fitter people having a more positive outlook on life and higher self esteem ” (Gingold 14). As long as exercising have a part in a
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