Improving Service Quality Within University Hospitals

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It is important to understand that facilities fall short in a lot of areas such as service quality improvement. This not only impacts the facility, but it also affects the patient visits and services received. Hence, it can be difficult for someone that is new to the area or perplexed with the wealth of information related to the different subdivisions that a hospital accommodates. There are individuals that should be put in place to help improve on service quality to its patients and customers. The purpose of this research paper is to look into methods that are affecting service quality within University Hospitals of Cleveland and finds ways to improve service quality.

Background The University Hospitals Patient Access department was developed a few years ago where it allowed for patients to call into a call center and make appointments, cancel appointments, talk to a nurse, get a message to the doctor, and look for a provider in their geographic area. The main complaint that patients voiced was the repetitive occurrence of getting bounced all around the hospital system because of the lack of correct information, regarding the provider and the office that the provider rendered services. The primary source of information and updated provider information is fed through a department called UH Medical Staff Services & Credentialing. The Medical Staff Services & Credentialing department is given information from different departments via email,…
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