Improving Student Engagement Using Classroom Demonstrations And Problem Based Learning

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Improving Student Engagement using Classroom Demonstrations and Problem-Based Learning

Walter Mathis


Statement of the Problem
Students’ energy and learning potential hold a critical role in academic success. Teachers see the current trend of decreasing student satisfaction from high school education context, which draws attention to the concept of student engagement. Conceptualized as the drive to engage, one of the important factors for student learning and personal development is students’ level of engagement with academically purposeful activities (Kuh, 2001). The misconception of students’ learning lies within educators’ understanding of what student engagement is and how to facilitate it effectively in the classroom.
The role of chemistry taught in today’s society cannot be overemphasized. Teachers expect chemistry students to gain problem- solving skills to facilitate the development of learning chemistry in our modern society. (Kuh, 2001) When encouraging student engagement, it has to be upon understanding. It refers to students learning tasks, sociological factors of interest, personality, and motivation (Sunday, 2013) The research conducted by Sunday (2011) explore the various means for increasing student involvement that it is critical to engage students. According to the study, various means exist to drive student engagement in class activities. As I enter my third year of teaching chemistry, I have been looking at a lot of…
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