Improving Student Performance : Saddleback Valley Unified School District

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Since 2010, I have inspired, coached, and mentored fellow educators in the purposeful use of technology to engage students and improve student achievement beginning with the first 1:1 mobile technology program, iEngage, at Aliso Elementary in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District. What began as simply having students record themselves reading aloud into iPods to develop reading fluency expanded into a tool used across all content areas to not only engage students but to facilitate active participation from all students all the time. Due to the success of iEngage in improving student achievement, Saddleback Valley expanded the program K-12 with funds from the ETT grant. Consequently, I, along with Principal Crystal Turner, was awarded Apple Distinguished Educator and the following year iEngage was honored as an Apple Distinguished District program. As the Instructional Technology Coordinator for the OCDE, I would continue to support, inspire, and motivate districts to use technology to enhance student engagement and improve student learning. Ensuring schools receive access to information and technology resources to create the learning environments necessary for our students to graduate with the skills to be competitive in a global workforce. As a classroom teacher and EdTech TOSA, “technology projects” were never the end goal for my students. Instead, technology was used to facilitate student inquiry and creativity. Designing integrated units, which required

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