Improving Student Test Scores Utilizing Brain-Based Learning Essay

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Improving Student Test Scores Utilizing Brain-Based Learning
Every human being can learn. Brain-based learning offers some new direction for educators who are looking for a more aimed and informed teaching. This paper will present information on how brain-based learning works. In addition, the paper will discuss how brain-based learning is improving student test scores. Also, the paper will provide research outcomes on the benefits of brain-based learning. Creating stress-free environments, improving complex cognitive skills, and understanding memory become important in brain-based learning. Receiving, encoding, storing, and retrieving information make sense as the memory routes are defined. Assessing student learning becomes the simple
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The advocates of brain-based education support a varied group of educational practices and approaches, and they try to base claims about important practice in recently found facts about the human brain. They dispute that there has been remarkable new outcomes associated with the development and organization of the human brain and this work can enlighten educational practice in significant ways. (“Brain-Based Education”).
Principles of Brain-Compatible learning that have emerged from Brain Research
Educators who have a background in the neurobiology of learning and memory have a different benefit in their classrooms. They noticed that by following the brain-based teaching principles we can establish an enhanced, brain-compatible environment and successfully work with such existing negative effects as stress, sleep deprivation, and poor nutrition. Ronal Kotulak said” an enriched environment can contribute up to 25% increase in the number of brain connections both early and later in life. Our environments need to allow for active manipulation.” (Kotulak, 1996, p.102). According to brain research, there are at least twelve principles of brain-compatible learning. 1. Uniqueness-every single brain is absolutely unique. 2. Effect of high stress threat can change and damage learning and even kill brain cells. 3. Emotions are important to learning, they drive attention,

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