Improving Teacher–Student Interaction in the English Classroom

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Title Improving teacher–student interaction in the English classroom Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge all the students and the teachers from Newman Catholic College who helped and guided me to formulate my research topic, as well as, the process of carrying out the action plan. Abstract This paper offers an example of how to apply action research to improve and explore the patterns of teacher-student verbal communication that existed in my classroom. Pre and post survey and teacher observation were used to record changes in the classroom interaction during the one-month study period. The purpose of this research was to examine the existences of teacher-student verbal communication in my classroom and explore the reinforcing…show more content…
How have you liked learning English so far this year? Do you like your English teacher? Students were asked to rate their answers using a scale of 1 to 5. The scale was represented by 1:(; 2:(; 3:(; 4: [pic], the results were mostly in 2 and 3. (Appendix.B). I have discovered that most of my students are rather passive in answering questions, where responding is often not voluntarily. Thus, little oral feedback is received from the students. Many have low confidence in their ability to speak without prior planning, therefore, there is no immediate response to teacher’s question and this is because “listening to teacher” has been their most frequent classroom experience rather than answering. Most of the students sit looking straight ahead using minimal facial expressions, verbal utterances and avoid any eye-contact with the teacher, often the feedbacks I would receive is the simple nods and shakes of their head. Furthermore, Student would never ask the teacher questions during the lesson, however, they would come and ask after the lesson in the one-on-one situation. Most of my students enjoyed inadequate speaking opportunities in classroom but when it comes to class discussion, they would not participate nor comments. In most other classes that I have observed, the teacher would address the class as a whole with few questions to check their understandings. However, there were no responses or reactions from the students. Then, students had to answer some questions
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