Improving Team Communication And Consistency Of Care

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The quantity of surgical procedures performed annually is immense and increasing. Surgery is associated with considerable risk of complications and death, however many of these complications are preventable. Haynes et al (2009) published an article in which they formulated, implemented, and evaluated a surgical safety checklist with the hypothesis of reducing the morbidity and mortality of surgical patients (Haynes et al., 2009). The checklist was aimed at improving team communication and consistency of care. They theorized that recurrently checking a specific list of elements would improve the functionality of the operative team, and reduce preventable errors. This analysis is designed to identify the goals, methods, and results of the program to establish its overall feasibility, functionality, and limitations.
Incentives and Goals of the Program The first aspect of this analysis was to determine the catalyst of the program. There were two directly related catalysts. The first was the large quantities of surgery performed annually within the global health care system. The article stated that 234 million operations are performed globally each year. The second catalyst was the associated rates of morbidity and mortality accompanying the large quantity of surgeries. The article clearly revealed the impact of high morbidity and mortality, demonstrating a significant need for change. The catalyst is directly related to the significance of the underlying issue being
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