Improving Team Operations And Quality Of Players

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Big data is a new type of data that can be easily defined very large volumes of information, like stats and numbers. Today we gather tons of data for many reasons, such as Walmart using it to track what customers buy and in what areas, to governments using it to track crime rates and more, there are all kinds of applications for processing big data. In sports, statistics play a huge role in determining how good a player is, what they could improve on, and more. The big data phenomenon has now hit the professional sports world, and could possibly revolutionize the way sports are played. To start our discussion of how sports has began to use these new statistics from data to help improve team operations and the quality of players, we must…show more content…
All this information can be overwhelming for a team to analyze and process. Organizations may hire a team of employees dedicated to processing these numbers. Others may look to outsource to businesses who are experienced in implementing different information systems. These businesses will either help the team set up these systems and coach them through it, or they may be hired to simply use their systems to process a teams information and give them feedback. An example of one of these businesses is The Sports Office, which is located in London. They offer systems for soccer, rugby, colleges, and others. These systems can offer player specific improvement plans, a centralized database for all segments, and data mining capabilities among others. These programs can help coaches analyze the best practice for winning and helps them with HR segments of sports, which all lead to a better team and a competitive advantage. Sports business is very similar to any other business model. The objective is to continuously improve, whether it 's to get employees more involved, including those on the field or court, or to improve internal operations of the business. Owners hire intelligent general managers and operations managers to assemble the coaching staff and players and make sure the team is as competitive as possible. While teams try to improve fan experience to gain new and repeat customers, the main driver of fan loyalty is how the team performs. Teams generate revenues
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