Improving Team Operations And Quality Of Players

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Big data is a new type of data that can be easily defined very large volumes of information, like stats and numbers. Today we gather tons of data for many reasons, such as Walmart using it to track what customers buy and in what areas, to governments using it to track crime rates and more, there are all kinds of applications for processing big data. In sports, statistics play a huge role in determining how good a player is, what they could improve on, and more. The big data phenomenon has now hit the professional sports world, and could possibly revolutionize the way sports are played. To start our discussion of how sports has began to use these new statistics from data to help improve team operations and the quality of players, we must begin with who started this revolution. In 2002, Billy Beane was the general manager of the Oakland A 's baseball team which had one of the lowest payroll in the MLB. Traditionally, stats such as batting average and runs batted in were a indicator of how good a player was, along with scouts gut intuition. Beane invented a new way to analyze stats to determine which players were ideal, not taking age, weight, etc. into consideration. He looked at things such as on base percentage, how many pitches a player takes, and others to determine which players were the "best bang for the buck." The team would go on to make the playoffs that year, and Beane 's tactics were discussed in the book "Moneyball" which started the revolution for analyzing all…
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