Improving The Affordable Care Act

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Access to care has become a buzz word in the modern healthcare theater. The prevailing thought is that our healthcare system will experience a significant amount strain as an increasing number of individuals seek care with increased number of individuals being covered by third party payers under the affordable care act. Access to care has become a catch-all term used to describe the inability for an individual or population to seek needed healthcare services. Access to care can be divided into 4 major problems within a healthcare setting to include, physical accessibility, affordability, acceptability, and supply and demand. While the current state of our healthcare delivery system in regards to the changes implemented by the affordable care act has attempted to address affordability and acceptability. The affordable care act may have strained the infrastructure of our system in regards to the supply and demand aspects as well as physical accessibility challenges to many populations. Physical accessibility is a multifaceted problem facing individuals that reside in rural communities as well as urban areas. Closely related to deficiencies in supply and demand, physical accessibility is dependent on a sufficient number of providers to provide sufficient geographic distribution in addition to the ability of individuals to travel to a provider. If a patient is required to travel long distances to seek care then it is less likely that these individuals will readily seek care.

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