Improving The Affordable Care Act

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Such data suggests that rural areas were actually better off in terms of medical care prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act than they are now. Before ACA implementation, the rural population was significantly more likely to be covered by Medicaid (21%) or other public insurance (4%) than the metropolitan population (16% and 3%, respectively). Therefore, while urban individuals on average had more healthcare benefits due to the nature of their insurance provider, since Medicaid made up some of the gap in employer-sponsored coverage in rural areas, the uninsured rate was similar in rural and urbans populations prior to the ACA (Figure 2).
While the Affordable Care Act itself was supposed to be a solution to the healthcare issues in current America, many are calling for a solution to the Affordable Care Act due to the fact it isn’t as effective as promised and hoped for. From its inception, as seen by existence of the Supreme Court trial, Republicans have said the solution to the act is to overturn and remove it. Republican candidates running for office at every level of government, from state legislator to President of the United States, has discussed their intent to overturn or work around the Affordable Care Act. While the majority of Republicans agree on a solution, Democrats are split on what is the best solution, if one is even needed, to the current Affordable Care Act. One of the most discussed solutions by Democrats is to build off the success of the…
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