Improving The Awareness Of Cervical Cancer

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1. To find the efficiency of Affordable Care Act in increasing the awareness of Cervical Cancer.
2. Dr. Ahmedin Jemal, one of the researchers said that the change of early detection and insurance coverage for young under their own parents, made it impossible to compare the total number of women who got screened before and after the health care law came into effect.
Researchers used the National Cancer Data Base, a hospital-based registry of about 70 percent of all cancer cases in the United States.
They compared diagnoses for women ages 21 to 25 who had cervical cancer with those for women ages 26 to 34, before and after the health law provision began in 2010.
1. Findings are positive and showed a rise in early-stage diagnoses among the younger group. About 79% of the younger group had an early-stage diagnosis in 2011-12, when compared to 71% in 2007-09.
2. For the older group, the percentage dropped to 71 percent from 73 percent, a change that is not statistically meaningful.
3. The effect for younger women looked even stronger when analyzed by year. About 84 percent of the younger group had early-stage diagnoses in 2011, compared with 68 percent in 2009.
4. Early-stage diagnoses dropped to 72 percent of the group in 2012, a drop that was typical during increases in screenings, because many of the early-stage cases have already been detected.
5. “You see the effect of the…
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