Improving The Effectiveness Of Public Health Workers Response

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Alarming Emergency: Improving the Effectiveness of Public Health Workers Response Humanitarian emergencies affect millions of people annually and they can be in the form of either conflicts or disasters. Since 1990, natural disasters have affected more than 217 million people annually and about 300 million people live in the midst of violence and unsecure environment (Leaning & Guha-Sapir, 2013). In mission cases for countries that are experiencing conflict, refugees and internally displaced individuals typically experience high mortality rate. Typically, the increase in mortality rate is not directly correlated to the conflict but to disease such as cholera and dysentery, measles, acute respiratory infections, and malaria, often…show more content…
The jobs of public health workers could be stressful, requiring more than what they have learned. Healthcare providers confront the struggle of maintaining political demands, while also meeting the health demand of the population. Public health workers need to be groomed efficiently before being thrown into situations they cannot handle. Some health care workers in situation of providing humanitarian relief to countries undergoing conflict will have to maintain silence about witnessed violations of human right; failure to do so may result in more death and the health workers not having access to the population requiring health needs. The purpose of sending health workers to humanitarian emergencies is to provide relief, but instead they do the opposite due to the lack of knowledge on what to do in specific problems. Health care workers can be providing the wrong relief to a certain population in some situation. Public health workers should know what tools is need and the exact timing in an emergency it is needed. Humanitarian workers are mostly seen as outsiders because they do not understand the culture of the people. Mostly, the need to maintain respect for cultural practice regarding death and grief, which either hinders the relief process or adds more pain to the affected population. From time to time mass emergency intervention might be considered a violation to human right, which may lead to
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