Improving The Environmental And Production Performance

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After reading the current literatures of the VSM in the construction, I divided the current implementation of VSM in the construction into the three schemes: constructive process, macro-process, and construction support processes.
3.2.1 Constructive Process
In the constructive process, high costs and consumptions of unnecessary sources generate huge wastes and customer dissatisfaction. However, current sustainable construction research has been focused mainly on the design and operation stages of projects rather than constructive process.
There are two studies is about how to use the VSM to improve the environmental and production performance during the constructive process. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA
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Applying the value stream mapping, the current state of production of structural concrete work stage could be mapped. The project manager could identify the production and environmental waste and discover some potential improvement opportunities hidden in this process. Future state map created by the project manager and the lean team to eliminate the waste and satisfy the customer?s requirements. This case study provides a groundbreaking experience of using value stream mapping that includes two dimensions, environment and product, into construction activities. The case demonstrated the value stream mapping is able to identify the sources of environmental and production waste, quantify them, and suggest reduction strategies.
Other study conducted by Patricia and Caroline (2013). They presented a case study of the concrete slab process to show the application of VSM and the preliminary sustainable analyses too. The execution of research started with diagnosis of lean and sustainable concepts selected, and an analysis initial of the value stream mapping applicability in the concrete slab processes. In the second step, the authors analyzed the construction company. In the third step, the search conducted the semi-structured interviews with the engineer responsible for the works. In the sequence, it was chosen a standardized process for value stream mapping of current state (concrete process). As a result, through the analysis of the mapping
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