Improving The Health Care Industry

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1 Introduction The advances in medical field, increasing number of specialisations, rising expectations of patients over the treatment options, and the sheer size and diversity of health services show that the health professionals work in a very complex world (Pope). The health care industry in many developed and developing countries is operating in its own traditional way and has been completely ignoring the latest advancements such as increased competition, safety of patients, shooting health care cost, increased malpractices costing human lives and more government control facilities such as Medicare. But in last decade or so, these factors have become more prevalent and competition within the industry has hiked up, and many hospitals…show more content…
The most popular example of which is the LEAN thinking and the Six Sigma concept. Six Sigma approach to improve quality has been used in many organizations since its inception at Motorola Corporation in the 1980s to measure and improve product and service quality. Six Sigma mainly focuses on defects that occur in million opportunities (Jayanta K. Bandyopadhyay, 2005). Six Sigma is heavily drawing attention from both private and government hospitals and health systems seeking a better approach to achieving long-term results whether financially or in terms of health safety and quality improvement. Six Sigma has been used to address many of the most common challenges faced by healthcare industry, including safety of patients, optimization of technology, market growth, apt resource utilization and the time up to which the program performs correctly with good outcome. In some instances, it is used to focus on a specific department or procedure, and in others, it is implemented on an enterprise-wide basis to achieve a cultural transformation (Pexton, February 26, 2010). But the question still lies as to: Can the healthcare industry depend entirely on Six Sigma approach for its functioning without any problems? Quality issues within the healthcare field can sprout from just about nowhere. The most common ones that evolve are around the faulty equipment, lack of proper management or planning within a single
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