Improving The International Hiring Process

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Established objectives, goals and priorities and deadlines to formulate plans to meet substantial changes in workload and identified potential cost and process efficiencies. I led a vast and diverse group of individuals in efforts to collaborate to streamline the international hiring process by assessing the potential milestones surrounding deploying hundreds of law enforcement personnel and their eligible family members to 72 foreign countries. I executed and implemented various spend plans, financial forecasting of allowances, staffing to budgets, and cost projections related to manpower and applicable pay compensation benefits. Political savviness, interpersonal communication skills, conducting several briefings and benchmarking analyses were the various skills I developed in this position. While serving in this capacity, I faced challenges with working with diverse people with various ideas, backgrounds and past experiences that may drove them to be difficult. Therefore, sought out learning opportunities to further master my skills in leading changes and partnerships, and began to consider a future as a senior executive in the federal government. In 2010, I enrolled in a 1-year Executive Potential Program, which was a 12-month nationwide competency-based leadership development program that provided training and developmental experiences for high potential GS-13 – 15s in the federal government moving into senior executive positions. I transition from an occupational
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