Improving The Iso Rating Of The Council Bluffs ( Ia ) Fire Department

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Improving the ISO Rating of the Council Bluffs (IA) Fire Department Introduction In 2012, Insurance Services Office (ISO) conducted a review of the fire suppression capabilities of the Council Bluffs (IA) Fire Department (CBFD). The resulting Public Protection Classification (PPC) was a Class 2. This classification puts the CBFD into the top 1% of the approximately 49,000 fire departments ISO reviews. In an effort to maintain the highest level of service to the public, the current fire administration has established an organizational goal of achieving a Class 1 designation. The problem is that the CBFD has not developed a comprehensive plan to improve the department ISO rating. In order to develop a plan, research is needed to find the area’s where improvement is most likely to be attainable and determine the cost associated with those improvements. The lack of a well researched, comprehensive plan is a serious problem for the department as it tries to make improvements in difficult economic times. In addition, a comprehensive plan is needed in order to identify the affected stakeholders and address their contributions and needs. The purpose of this applied research project (ARP) is to develop a comprehensive plan for the CBFD to improve the department ISO rating. The primary research method for this project is the action research method. Historical and evaluative research methods will also be used. The research questions are (a) who are the primary
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