Improving The Learning Experience Of Students

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Many students in today’s school system often fail to retain learned information. Even after just one exam, students forget what they worked diligently to remember; they also struggle to transmit learned textbook knowledge into their behavior, causing the hours of reading to seem pointless. A reform is crucial in order to reverse this outcome and to enhance the learning experience of students everywhere. Changes regarding study habits, testing strategies, and teaching styles are necessary and can occur by implementing spaced learning, increased attention, and improved social learning. Continuous practice of learning is often seen as a solution to recalling knowledge and facts; however, not all practice is effective practice. Studies have revealed that information and skills are preserved greater when practice is spaced out rather than massed (clustered). In terms of teaching styles, spaced learning in schools would disperse the learning and boost retention levels. Almost all high schools follow similar schedules, where classes meet every other day for 90+ minutes. Reflecting on the findings regarding spaced versus massed learning, concepts taught in the classroom will be remembered better if the class met every day for less time. Regarding study habits, spaced learning in education would cut prepping for an exam into smaller sessions, in turn assisting recollection and reducing anxieties. Despite the factual evidence proving spaced learning to be more effective, students
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