Improving The Life Of Elderly People With Home Automation

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Is it possible to improve the life of elderly people with home automation? Discuss the new systems and devices that are made for this purpose. It is the natural order of life the parents take care of their children and when the children become adults, they take care of their parents. Providing comfort and a good quality of life is a common concern of adults who care about their parents or aged relatives. Researchers who think this way, started to study about home automation applied to elderly people. Always looking to facilitate simple daily tasks, experts used their knowledge to create more and more intelligent houses, saving time and labour of its residents, and granting more convenience for them. The first traces of home automation are dated from the late 1970s, when the early smart modules emerged in the United States, in which commands were sent by the electric network of the residence. It was a simple and not integrated solution, that solved specific situations, like turning on lights or other simple equipment. Thereafter, the home automation has grown exponentially. The term home automation, commonly refers to that of smart houses, this can be defined as the set of services provided by integrated technology systems which are seeking the best way to satisfy the basic needs of security, communications, energy management and comfort of a habitation. Also, according to Sun, et al. (2013, p.557), "home automation consists of a variety of embedded sensors/actuators,…

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