Improving The Lives Of Street Youths

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BRIEFING NOTES FOR THE MINISTER OF COMMUNIITIES OF SUPPORT DIRECTORATE IMPROVING THE LIVES OF STREET YOUTHS Purpose: The purpose of this briefing note is to present recommendations to improve the services available to street youths, by changing societal perception of street youths. Background: Street youths are not a homogeneous group but a social construct to describe adolescents whose lives revolve around the street as a location to work or live. There are approximately 100 million street youths world wide, and there are approximately 150,000 street youths in Canada. The lives of this economically and socially marginalized population are filled with troubled family life, which can include sexual, emotional, and physical assault,…show more content…
Approximately 14% to 34% of street youths are forced to prostitute. When compared with general youths, the mortality rates of street youths are 11 times higher. In terms of Canada, this high mortality rate is caused mainly by suicide or accidental deaths from overdose, which accounts for over 20% of the deaths. This dangerous life is compounded by the government’s deterrent model for dealing with crime. Around 104,000 young offenders were accused under the criminal code in 2013. Key Considerations: • Foster Care System: Approximately half of street youths have spent time in this system, which fails to look after those who are over aged. • Welfare Housing: Adolescents are sometimes prohibited from welfare housing, so when a family becomes homeless, adolescents either become ran away or a system youth. Street Youths are marginalized based on their ages. • Ethnicities: Approximately 60% identified themselves, as being Caucasian, 33% reported being aboriginal, and the rest were a mix including Middle Eastern, Asian, and African. Recommendations: Option 1:The Crime Model This model emphasizes the punishment of crimes committed by street youths so that society can be safer for the rest of the population. This includes introducing minimum sentences, and harsher punishments to deter youths from committing crime. • The advantage of this approach is that it would create a sense of safety and
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