Improving The Manufacturing And Service Delivery Processes For Companies

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Information technology utilized to improve the manufacturing and service delivery processes for companies can deliver individually different products to different individual customers cost efficiently is called mass customization. When product components are put together in a modularized way, the mass customization can reduce the company’s all in costs. The mass customizing companies are driven by observing individual customer request and by comparing them to what other customers have requested. As the demand for customizing products rise, companies are offering build to order services to enable customers to configure products to their own needs.
Utilizing mass customization provides a better matching product to its customers liking as its chosen customization level increases. However, if a company chooses not to use mass customization, they may result in selling a standard product. Price customization can lead to a broader adoption of mass customization, and the company can take advantage of their customized products. Cosmetic customization presents a standard product differently to different customers. Transparent customization provides each customer with a customized product without telling him or her about the actual product itself.
Good services cannot come from processes alone. The important process for winning customer loyalty is through customization. Mass customization is a process for customizing cost efficiently. Companies can reduce its unit
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