Improving The Operating Room Efficiency

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Finally creating better processes as well as assigning staff responsibilities to help maintain stock will create positive steps towards cost reduction. Also, managing supply reorders will decrease supply costs with the use of a perpetual inventory system. This approach continuously tracks supplies on hand and will automatically reorder when the stock reaches its predetermined par threshold. Establishing better control over supplies is rather a detailed and labor-intensive process but it can significantly reduce supply spending. Although this can be labor intensive the cost savings is well worth it (Surgical Directions, 2013, p. 4). Efficiency The Operating Room efficiency is a measurement of how well time and resources are used on a daily basis (Philander & Kupietzky, 2013, p.1). In regards to efficiency it is important to utilize the Operating Room surgical rooms as much as possible because it creates higher utilization of the block schedule. It also allows for more surgical cases to be performed. When there are more surgeries performed there will be more revenue generated. In the Operating Room at Children’s Mercy the surgeons and anesthesiologists struggle to agree on what is effective block utilization. They also cannot agree on what constitutes delays, it is ironic that these two groups have the highest number of delays. They need to agree on defining what delays are in order to resolve the utilization issues in the Operating Room. There are other
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