Improving The Overall Educational Performance Of All Learners

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The purpose of decision making is to improve the overall educational performance of all learners in any school. In order to make decisions, a leader must, whether it is a teacher or administrator, make effective decisions that promote successful performance of everyone involved. With the intention of successful performance, society continues to mandate schools deliver a high quality, multi-disciplinary education to all students, while seeking a guarantee that promises successful learning and adulthood employment for each of our children. To complicate this matter, schools are searching for ways to effectively meet the needs of all children. This is the case with John F. Kennedy School. In case study thirty-four, an assistant…show more content…
Due to his experience with the lack of parental involvement in the past, he finds it unnecessary to make direct contact with parents that are unwilling to make the same effort. According to Gorton, when an administrator enters a decision-making process with a preliminary decision and chooses alternate solutions, it is referred to as differentiated or situational decision-making model. This is case with Mrs. Rose, differentiated or situational decision-making model is the most helpful model that would represent a shift from the traditional way of the thinking (the principal), to different decision entry points (Gorton, page 38). Mrs. Rose began the process of getting more parental involvement. With this initiation, the administrator must take a risk and decide against conventional methods in order to maximize a long-term goal. The differential decision making approach empowers the teachers, parents, and students to work together on a long-term goal with the community and allows schools to change constantly (p.38). More so, it will allow administrator to enter decision-making process at varying points, while considering various points of view. This will open the educational system to change constantly demand reconceiving the model of differentiated decision making. With this case, an ethical decision making framework is necessary to be considered. Since
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