Improving The Path Of Becoming A Recording Artist

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A growing trend amongst new artists is crowd funding. This refers to audiences making contributions and/or micro investments in new creative ventures (Jenkins, 2013). For example, websites such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo are platforms for independent artists to solicit and collect funds. The funds from these campaigns are used to finance record production, launch tours, create merchandise and all other costs artists need assistance with. These websites are helping change the path of becoming a recording artist. On the positive end, artists are having more control over the content they produce and are not reliant on large music labels for support. By using crowd-funding websites this eliminates the search for a record label and complying with the labels creative demands and time constraints. On the negative side, a recording contract guarantees all the costs and distribution to the labels networks to be covered so it is more challenging for the artist to build a fan base to support their funding efforts. A benefit to using these sites is that it allows the artists to provide incentives for their fans donations in the form of a meet and greet, exclusive concert tickets, limited edition merchandise and many more. Rather than supporting artists solely by downloading their music, fans now get to contribute in very different ways resulting in acts of collaboration between artist and fan. This collaboration leads to stronger ties resulting in a loyal following.…
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