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Improving the Patient Experience The Beryl Institute is a global community that dedicates itself to improving the patient experience through shared knowledge and collaboration. Studies conducted by this institution find that giving voice to ideas through multiple avenues offers tremendous power. According to Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., who is the Executive Director of The Beryl Institute, providing patients and staff members various avenues to voice their opinions and ideas creates the core of excellent patient experience in and of itself. Encourage Patients to Communicate During Common Interactions Improving the patient experience requires a critical dialog. This dialog needs to be encouraged and fostered because when every voice is heard, the patient experience is impacted the most. Organizations that incorporate their patients as essential partners in their own care ensure that their patients receive the best quality care and service. Promote Staff Participation in Improving the Work Environment Provide your staff with the means to actively contribute to a continuously improving environment. Allow them to speak-up and offer their ideas, even those that challenge the status quo, because this can lead to important changes and great improvements in the delivery of care. Engage the Community Engaging the community through focused outreach and a strong presence helps shape the nature of your practice. Whether your practice is located in a rural setting or a bustling city,

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