Improving The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act 2010

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Healthcare is paramount to the life of an individual. Health systems, costs and outcomes play a vital role in the determination of whether a nation is striving towards maintaining and protecting its citizens. USA operates under the mixed market healthcare system whereby both the government and private sector play a role in the provision of health services. It is evident that the private sector plays a larger role than the government. The USA aims at attaining three forms of healthcare systems namely: single-payer, individual insurance mandates and consumer-driven health. This research will focus on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010 which focuses on ensuring that health care is easily accessible and
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one of the best and efficient healthcare service providers across the globe. However, in Liberia, citizens have to use their money to acquire sufficient healthcare services thus demonstrating that lack of money leads to lack of healthcare services. This subsequently leads to increased death which in real sense can be curbed. Health is a social welfare aspect since it focuses on the well-being of all individuals.
Analysis of the Act
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), is commonly known as the Obama Care or the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is a federal statute that came into existence on March 23, 2010 by President Barack Obama. Its major focus is the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system since the enactment of Medicaid and Medicare in 1965. Prior to its enactment the affordability of health insurance had increased at an alarming rate. Similarly, the quality of health insurance had deteriorated.
The enactment of ACA was aimed at remedying such injustices via increasing the quality and affordability of health insurance as well as expanding the public and private insurance coverage thereby reducing the rates of the uninsured. Further, it aims at reducing the costs of healthcare for both the government and its citizens. The ACA’s enactment intended to introduce new mechanism such as insurance exchanges, mandates and subsidies. The ACA mandates all insurance companies to cover all applicants within the new set out minimum standards and at same
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