Improving The Quality And Safety Of Healthcare

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Technology is at the center of health care and is a critical tool in terms of health, life, and safety. Health technology provides and enormous potential to improve the quality and safety of healthcare, however, these opportunities create potential hazards. Given that some devices are more effective and safer than before, it is important to understand the appropriateness of a specific technology in any specific situation. Just because a particular device is available, is it necessary to use it in every possible situation? Health and medical technology in combination with the types of available health care, opportunities, risks, and the impact on patient care allows providers to perform miracles. However, it is also seductive and a self-perpetuating force that needs monitoring by those who use it. Medical technology is a broad field consisting of a delivery system that includes procedures, equipment and processes to distribute health care. Innovation plays a crucial role in sustaining health. Examples of medical technology include drugs, medical devices, support systems for transmission of information, and surgical procedures. Throughout time, the medical field continues to change, advancing with drugs that are more effective, procedures, and technology to maintain and or extend the quality of life. In long-term management, these changes are reducing the mortality rates substantially. For instance, treatments for heart disease introduces the use of specific cardiac
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