Improving The Quality Assistant Professor Needed For Sincere College

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It is a primary goal to maintain the effort Sincere College has in retaining an exceptionally diverse faculty that is dedicated to providing a high-quality education with an emphasis on teaching excellence that heightens students’ ambitions and cultivates social responsibility, engagement, research, and integrity. Hiring the quality Assistant Professor needed for Sincere College is a priority. By focusing on the main fundamental aspects that will ensure the best candidate is selected this process will become a success. The proposal will highlight areas that will enhance the ability of applicants of diverse backgrounds to respond and apply to the posting optimizing the mix of candidates for the position. It will ensure reasonable allocation of funding to support recruiting efforts. It will further outline a strategy to fill the position with the best applicant as well as provide a recommended salary base and comprehensive benefits package for the selected Assistant Professor. Understanding “more Americans from every color and creed are now earning college educations so college faculty should reflect that” (Lynch, 2013, para. 2) efforts have been placed to identify areas that would be able to reach diverse groups to include women and minority applicants. These efforts will allow for a further range in a variety of sectors to include job boards, social media outlets, and mobile applications in addition to advertising on the Sincere College Career Site. The below have been

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