Improving The Quality Of Academic Writing

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This semester of English 150 has redefined the quality of academic writing and has taught me that writing is more than just a task with a checklist, it’s a constant work in process that allows expression of belief and ideas. The purpose of this course is to better prepare students to compose essays for an array of academic purposes throughout college and into their career. Throughout the semester, students taking this course have learned to conduct research, identify acceptable sources, analyze sources, synthesize a variety of sources, properly document sources, as well as improve upon previous knowledge of the proper use of Edited American English linguistics. With these goals accomplished, students acquire the skills to meet the writing proficiency that is expected at the university level, as well as improve upon personal expression. In English 150, I have discovered how to strongly support claims through the synthesis of multiple sources, however I am still in the process of improving my methods for careful editing and proofreading, and also working to improve on citing sources properly.

Through previous years of schooling I have gained experience in analyzing different types of documents to create academic essays, however in this past semester I have improved upon these skills and have also learned how to synthesize multiple sources. In my first essay this semester, “My Discovery of Knowledge and Power”, Dr. Florczyk comments that my essay contains “strong analytical
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