Improving The Quality Of Delivery Of Care

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Healthcare is forward moving, and remains in a constant state of change. There are multiple opportunities to improve the quality of delivery of care given. These opportunities shape and develop the visions and goals that healthcare organizations intend to achieve long and short term. Healthcare organizations of all sizes are responsible for establishing innovative practices that address patient’s needs within the community, and their service areas. Becoming a choice provider requires developing patient relationships that produce desirable outcomes.
Outcomes are extremely important toward sustaining longevity within any healthcare organization. Patients served are more likely to return, and also recommend healthcare services to
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The nursing recruitment process begins with a human resource nursing recruiter contacting the candidate for a brief phone interview. Nurse recruiting specialists review the employee’s employment history, and personal qualifications for the position. Afterward, candidates are questioned regarding the motivation behind their application, and the short and long term goals that they have established for themselves. These responses facilitate forwarding of the application to the hiring manager for review.
Interview Process Once the application has been forwarded to the hiring manager, the manager conducts a second phone interview. This allows the hiring manager to gain a personal view of the candidate, and compare responses to those forwarded from human resources. Two positive phone interviews prompts a face to face interview with the hiring manager. After interviewing with the hiring manager, the candidate may be invited for a peer interview, which include assistant nurse managers, registered nurses, and other support and ancillary staff. This interview allows peers to interact and identify if a positive relationship may be established toward meeting the unit and organizational vision and goals. The candidate is also afforded the opportunity to ask potential peers questions, which allows them to gather if the unit will be a good fit. Subsequently, the candidate may be
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