Improving The Quality Of Patient Care Essay

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Healthcare Quality Introduction Here at Mayo Clinic as we’ve seen in the past few years the quality of patient care has reduced drastically. The institution is facing more and more problems now than ever before and the reasons for these are the negligence of some very crucial problems from the side of the institution. These problems can only be tackled if proper steps are taken and on urgent notice. Here are quality initiatives that must be taken for the betterment of the organization that I would like to propose to improve the quality of patient care. 1. Multidisciplinary teams. 2. Integrated Care Services. 3. Knowledge Management. Multidisciplinary teams Teams should be set up in a manner that comprise of physicians, nurses and allied head professionals so that the overall performance of each individual will be improved and the workload on the hospital staff will be divided that would lead to a more feasible and friendly environment for the patients. These teams would be able to communicate with the patient in a more feasible way the communication with in the team will be more convenient and as a result increase patient care (Wensing, M., Wollersheim, H. & Grol, R. (2006)). Integrated Care Services: Organized teams must be set up so that the patients with a certain type of disease such as diabetes, skin infections, heart diseases etc. are grouped together and there treatment follows a specific protocol that covers the spectrum from screening to education,
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