Improving The Quality Of The Care Essay

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Furthermore, improving the quality of the care that is received will be cost-effective in the long-term. Primary care physicians and educators can be further trained to recognize depression as well as any other mental health disorder. With early identification and referral for diagnosis, much of the later treatment can be avoided. Intervention for behavioral health occurs in four stages – detection, medication, counseling, and continuity of care. Currently, all four areas have a deficit. Detection should be increased with primary care physicians. Medications should be more accessible. Counseling should be available and affordable. Continuity of care is only possible when patients can access regular follow-up care with a physician, preferably a psychiatrist. If detection is improved, there needs to be availability of resources for referral. Smit et al. (2006) found that minimal contact cognitive behavioral therapy had a 70% chance of being more cost-effective than primary care alone for subthreshold depression, showing that intervention even before diagnosis can prevent cost of hospital admissions and decreased productivity in the future1. While this study only focused on depression, the same is true for many behavioral health pathologies because they are often progressive in nature. While improvements in quality of care – such as increased training for primary care physicians on mental health detection and increasing the number of outpatient psychological and psychiatric
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